Boulder Wall Landscaping Images

Boulder Wall Landscaping

Boulders are a nice, natural-looking way to craft a retaining wall, and this type of construction is often a more affordable choice. This style works very well in the Inland Northwest and our beautiful surroundings. Take a look through our gallery to get an idea of the types of boulder walls that could be installed in your area.

Learn More About Boulder Retaining Walls

Here are some helpful links on Boulder Retaining Walls. Concrete Network is an excellent resource for anything concrete as well as their affiliate site, If you’re into Pinterest there’s also a link to get you started pinning some favorite boulder retaining wall ideas. Have fun!

Boulder Walls for a Sloped Yard

One of the best advantages to boulder wall landscaping is the ability to contain a sloped yard. If its a sheer slope a series of terraced garden beds work well with a staircase connecting the way. Shorter slopes can sometimes be brought up which will open an area for a new living space. The boulder wall itself can be funtional as a sitting area or the space behind it used for flower beds. Block walls also work great for this solution as well as concrete walls for tight spaces. For more information on how to shore up a sloped yard, visit our page on Retaining Wall Solutions for Sloped Yards.

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