Explore the Versatility of Colored Curbing

Changing the contours of a portion of your property can significantly affect the visual appeal of your yard or home, especially with decorative concrete. However, this gorgeous concrete form can be imbued with different appearances and designs. This is to provide an eye-catching appeal instead of the simple, rough grey aspect you may be used to. Explore the versatility of colored curbing through Dundee’s exceptional landscape edging services.

Dark Colored Concrete Edging

Benefits of Decorative Concrete Curbing

Garden beds can be protected from grass and weeds with the help of decorative curbing. The curbing is a physical barrier to keeping mulch and other garden products where they belong, out of the grass.

Decorative curbing is worthwhile since it improves your home’s curb appeal and resale value. It is a wise long-term investment due to its attractiveness, longevity, and low maintenance requirements.

Stamped patterns can be added to colored concrete, curbing any style for a unique look. Examples are the fashionable custom pattern alternatives presented by Dundee Concrete and Landscaping. Please view our gallery of stamped curbing.

Curbing made of colored concrete is a great way to make your property stand out. Our colorful, ever-expanding concrete landscape borders are the perfect finishing touch for any outdoor space. Not forgetting, it is a long-lasting substitute for more traditional materials like wood, plastic, metal, or brick.

Concrete curbing is superior to other edging materials for keeping grass and weeds out of your plantings and off your walkways. The process of upkeep is simplified. It can withstand lawnmowers and edging equipment with excellent durability. The curbs will stay precisely where they are supposed to be. Moreover, concrete curbing creates a beautiful sight.

Let Dundee Concrete and Landscaping make your landscape pop with colored concrete landscape curbing. We take pride in providing a positive experience in creating the perfect landscape or concrete project for you. We do our best on every project no matter the size. We offer many types of services from complete Landscape installation, sprinklers, concrete curbing, grade work, concrete driveways and patios, retaining walls, water features and much more. Request a quote today.

Blue Tint on a Concrete Curb
Red Hues used for a flowerbeds concrete curb
Installed Curbing with Landscape Boulder
Light Red colored curb and flagstone

Colored Curbing Examples​

Decorative concrete gives your home’s inside and exterior a visual boost with its varied finishes, hues, and other design aspects. At Dundee Concrete & Landscaping, we are a decorative concrete curbing expert who can help make your property more attractive. Adding concrete curbs as a final addition to your landscape can have many positive effects.

Our seamless concrete landscape borders make all these things more feasible. We can install colored concrete landscape curbing on the spot, tailoring it to your exact specifications to look great and last for years.

We offer various customizable color options to cater to your individual sense of style and preference. Custom-colored curbing may help your landscape stand out by adding visual interest and practicality. The Davis color palette is what we work with. Browse the palette and pick the colors that best suit your needs.

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