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Block Retaining Walls


Block walls make a wonderful landscape solution for

  • Garden walls and accents
  • Extending the style of your patio throughout the yard or garden
  • Benches and steps
  • Terraced landscapes
  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Increased privacy
  • Defining spaces

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Types of retaining wall blocks to choose from include brick, cinder block (which can be covered with stucco or other rock), and precast segmental concrete blocks. A variety of colors, sizes, and shapes offer even more visual interest and flexibility.

The cost of your block retaining wall will depend on many variables including the size and scope of the project, plus the materials used. Rest assured, though, that you will find options to fit any budget.

Regardless of the project’s scope and size, Dundee’s block retaining walls always start with a solid foundation.

Block Retaining Wall Projects

Block retaining walls offer you versatility in designing and building a retaining wall. Straight, curvy, sleek, scalloped, stepped. There are many different colors to choose from when building a block retaining wall. At Dundee, we always start with a solid foundation. As always, our construction is 100% guaranteed. We have the ability to create whatever style retaining wall best fits your budget, design and the overall look you want to achieve for your outdoor space.

Dundee works with you to choose from a wide variety of landscape blocks, colors and designs to find the block wall style that perfectly matches both your landscape needs and your budget.

Retaining Walls for Sloped Backyards

When it comes to block walls, we’ve got it covered. Consider using this retaining wall style for large hillsides, terraced gardens, sitting areas and shoring up the front yard with a decorative block wall feature. Sloped Backyards >>

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