Stained Concrete Installations

Stained Concrete Finish

Are you looking for a custom concrete look that can match none other? Acid stained concrete is an affordable option that stands above the rest. No two stained concrete projects look alike. You have a wide range of colors to choose from and finishes to top it all off. Most common installs for stained concrete are in driveways, patios, walkways, and stairs. The benefit of stained concrete is that it is not affected as dramatically to UV rays or a scratch by a snow shovel. Kind of like a speckled carpet, you won’t even notice the dirt until you clean it up. But the finish is astounding. People are choosing acid stained concrete more and more and there’s certainly reason why.

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Before tearing up the existing slab let us take a look at it. You may get away with a simple concrete overlay. Often with patios and pool decks this can be the case. Keep in mind that any existing cracks will bear some resemblance in the final product but with natural flow to the acid stain it can go without notice. But, even if a tear out is required the costs of concrete are low. You can get a custom stained concrete install at a fraction of the cost of installing flagstone or pavers.

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Concrete Finishes

An acid stain finish has a character of it’s own but you can also consider texture into the mix. Most often in Spokane we are reminded of the long winters and ever changing conditions. That is a primary reason why slip resistant textures are applied to almost every job we do. Consider a sand washed finish for the gritty feeling under your feet or the classic broom finish for the timeless look of concrete. We also have a wide variety of stamps that can be applied and have custom options if you’d like to go that route. Feel free to contact Dundee using the form below and peruse our gallery for ideas on your own design.

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Acid Stained Concrete Installs

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