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Driveway Installation

Are you looking to have your driveway re-done or a new one installed? Dundee is a full service landscape company that understands the dimensions a new driveway requires. We have a wide range of options including acid stained concrete, stamped, colored concrete and driveway pavers. If you’re looking for a complete landscape install, consider integrating your driveway with pathways, curbing or the patio that it could lead to. We also install custom lighting that can help your guests navigate to the house on a cold winter night.

Complete Driveway Install

Often times a driveway is in need of replacing. The cracks take over and it’s just time to go. We offer demolition, haul away and gradework services to get your area in order. When it comes to a fresh install we, at Dundee, prep the area with a base layer that works with Spokane’s freeze and thaw temperatures. It’s the lack of this step that often leaves concrete cracking less than 10 years after the install. When preparing for the pour we insert a grid work of rebar to reinforce the new driveway to handle the weight bearing circumstances that can occur. And after the concrete has been poured a series of control joints will be applied not just decoratively, but strategically in areas that are known for cracking to ensure that your driveway remains beautiful for decades.

Pavers, Concrete and Flagstone

Sometimes it can be hard to choose between what is the right driveway install for you. If this is the first addition to what will be a larger landscape project, consider the surroundings around you. What are the types of features in your neighborhood? Historic buildings typically use brick, natural settings look great in stone and newer developments lend easily to a colored concrete driveway. Concrete is going to be the least expensive and flagstone on the pricier end. If you’re still at a loss, I would recommend colored or stained concrete and then using the remainder of your budget in custom curbing or installing lighting features for your driveway. We have a wide variety of options in all of our services. Whatever you choose, Dundee can help match the project to you.

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Looking for a backyard that can be enjoyed all year round? Dundee is equipped to tackle tough problems like making backyard patios that work for all four seasons.

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