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Patio Installations

Patios are the foundation of outdoor living and play an important role in the design of a landscape.
Patios can be made with a variety of materials for every look and budget. A rustic flagstone patio may be situated in a far-off corner of the backyard to create a cozy area away from the house, or brick paver patio may be used closer to the house for a more formalized feel. We work with many styles and materials including flagstone, brick pavers, cobblestone, stamped concrete, and many other types of rock.

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The patio is the heart of the yard

It is your home base from which to enjoy the rest of the landscape. Our designers take great care to ensure that your patio maximizes all aspects of the landscape, resulting in a truly magical experience.

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Vacation Weekly, in your own Backyard

A backyard patio adds long-term value to the home while creating additional entertaining space for everyone to enjoy. When considering a new patio for the backyard, location is key. Most often patios do best saddled up next to the house in an area that can be easily accessed through sliding glass doors or back porches. This isn’t always the case though as weather can play a big factor in backyard enjoyment. Instead of choosing the most convenient space, consider the most ideal location. As a full service landscape installer, Dundee is equipped to make the ideal a reality. We offer affordable solutions for walkways, outdoor lighting, steps and are well known for re-grading spaces with sloped backyards. If you haven’t yet, check out our page on terraced hill-scapes and sloped backyards.

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Once the ideal location is picked out, it’s time to start planning. In sunny spots pergolas are a favorite install. The pergola offers medium shade while still letting a little sun shine in. Pergolas are typically open air but can be retrofitted with a canopy. If rain or snow is a consideration a fully covered patio might be a better solution, or better yet half enclosed and half open. Dundee offers fully customizable patio installations so there are options available.

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The type of patio material will typically be based on personal preference or budget. Concrete is an excellent option that durable, elegant and cost effective. The options for concrete vary between colored, stamped, finish styles or a mix of the three. For a detailed overview of our concrete installs, view the concrete installation options page. Pavers are an excellent choice for classic design. A patio installed with pavers is a permanent solution for the yard that adds an old European character. One big benefit to brick pavers is the ability to replace sections as they wear down or crack(many years down the line). Flagstone is another great consideration that really looks slick with the landscape. A flagstone patio is going to be unique to any area its installed and offers a natural feel to the outdoor setting. To choose flagstone you’ll want to give us a call, or simply head over to the local landscaping yard for options. Spokane Boys is a good place to check out if you’re on the North Side or Gibsons Nursery has a good selection out in the Valley. If its just a matter of getting started and redefining the lawn, a gravel patch is also a good consideration. Compacted gravel works just as well for chairs, tables and medium structures. Whatever the design consideration for a backyard patio, Dundee’s got your ‘back’.

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The Outdoor Fire Pit

Many Northwest homes do well with a fire pit in the backyard. This is an excellent way to bring the outdoors to you. Watch the stars roll out, roast marshmallows or simply sit back and enjoy a cold one after a long hard day. Check out or outdoor fire pit page for detailed information. Outside of standard fir pits, Dundee can also install gas pits or fully enclosed outdoor fireplaces.

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