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Looking to shore up a backyard or create a permanent sitting space? Retaining walls can be the perfect solution for many needs. These structures not only provide structural support to prevent soil erosion but also offer a flat surface that can be used as seating or additional landscaping space.

block retaining walls

Constructing a retaining wall can serve either a single purpose, or several simultaneously. Great reasons people choose Dundee walls include the following:

Terrace hillsides
Prevent soil erosion
Increase privacy
Define spaces
Add garden walls and accents
Create benches and steps
Extend your patio aesthetic into the yard or garden

Spokane Retaining Wall Installation Services

The choice of a retaining wall can be a big game changer for the landscape. It is a great way to sculpt the current area into something more desirable. Reasons to consider a retaining wall usually are to shore up a sloped backyard, create privacy or to tame pooling water. Other, more decorative walls can be created as sitting walls around an outdoor entertainment area. Whatever your reason for looking into retaining walls, our team of dedicated professionals are ready to take your backyard to the next level.

Wall Options

When considering what type of retaining wall to install, consider what type of long term landscape you’re after. Each wall type provides its own character and handles the land differently. For tall, privacy walls the best option is the block wall. Block walls last a long time, have multiple options for color and fit in with practically any setting. Shorter walls or tiered landscaping can be accomplished on a budget with boulder landscaping. Boulders provide a permanent solution that can often bring an old world feel to the yard. Tiered gardens look wonderful as a boulder wall with descending staircase. Take a look through our boulder wall gallery to get an idea on different terraced boulder wall gardening planters.

Two other retaining walls to consider are the hand stacked and concrete walls. Concrete walls are extremely durable but most typically are installed for basements or to hold back a large hill alongside a house. Basically, concrete walls are considered during the grading process of building a new house. That being said, these are a solid solution for tight spaces or large hillsides. When quoting an estimate we can give a better picture of what will work best for the space. In most situations, the concrete wall is going to be costly. And one of the specialty services Dundee offers is stacked stone walls. These are hand stacked and in a style that is lost to most landscaping contractors. They look amazing though, and stand up to the test of time. When looking to add character or to keep the house in line with its existing landscaping, a stacked stone wall is the perfect choice. Basalt is the choice material for hand-stacked walls, since it is a fractured stone by nature and leads to tight stacking.

Call us
and let our designers help you find the perfect solution for your landscape challenges. Our specialists are ready to work with you on creating a retaining wall design that delivers years of durable service, comfort and peace of mind.

  • Custom designed and built for your needs
  • Equipped with a solid foundation
  • Built to last using the best materials available
  • Designed with sufficient drainage
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Options for materials include:

  • Poured concrete
  • Wall blocks (brick, precast segmental concrete blocks and covered cinder blocks)
  • Stacked stones (flagstone, strip stone, field stone, cultured stone, boulders and rocks)
  • Landscape timbers and wood walls

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