Boulder Retaining Walls

Boulder Retaining Walls

Boulder retaining walls for residential and commercial projects. Dundee has the experience and equipment to get it done. Often times we are called to repair old boulder walls that were put together incorrectly. You’ll want an experienced contractor to create a gravity wall like this. The nature of a gravity wall is that it sits back and retains the mass pressure the dirt behind it is causing. Not only that but boulder selection and placement plays a large role in the success of a boulder wall. If done incorrectly you will find loose boulders that are not packed down in the middle of the wall. Through our experience in repair and install Dundee has the tools to do it all. Call us today for a quote, estimate or to get in the books for the season.

Gallery of our Boulder Retaining Wall Installations

Boulders are a nice, natural-looking way to craft a retaining wall, and this type of construction is often a more affordable choice! This style works very well in the Inland Northwest and our beautiful surroundings.


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