Nothing Says Northwest like a Boulder Wall

The growing trend of using boulder retaining walls in conventional landscaping projects has caught on in Spokane. Are you looking to grade the backyard into a garden terrace, shore and contain an area or simply have a natural sitting area? Consider the rustic look of native Spokane boulders to retain your space. Boulder walls and boulder sitting walls have many benefits. They not only stand the test of time, but are affordable and fit into any setting naturally. Interested in installing boulder walls for your Northwest home? Feel free to use the contact form below to request a quote or inquire further about our services.

Boulder wall installation
Boulder wall and pathway

Boulder Walls Can Cost Less than Standard Retaining Walls

To start off, boulders are relatively inexpensive. People are practically giving them away. It’s not the boulder but the sheer weight of it that can drive up the cost. Our process is simple. A delivery of boulders by volume, usually between 15 and 30 tons to a full truckload and then the machinery to place them. Grade work is necessary to prepare the ground and usually some quarry spalls or gravel to work in the backfill. Using the right machinery and the correct know-how a boulder retaining wall can be placed correctly with ease.

Other walls can be more demanding in regards to time, labor and material cost. Block walls can be a time demanding process and also require prep-work, backfill and extra material to fill the blocks. Concrete Walls prices depend mainly on size as the price of concrete is the consideration here. And the same goes for timber walls where the material itself can be the main expense.

About our Boulder Wall Installation

Boulder retaining walls for residential and commercial projects. Dundee has the experience and equipment to get it done. Often times we are called to repair old boulder walls that were put together incorrectly. You’ll want an experienced contractor to create a gravity wall like this. The nature of a gravity wall is that it sits back and retains the mass pressure the dirt behind it is causing. Not only that but boulder selection and placement plays a large role in the success of a boulder wall. If done incorrectly you will find loose boulders that are not packed down in the middle of the wall. Through our experience in repair and install Dundee has the tools to do it all. Call us today for a quote, estimate or to get in the books for the season.

Boulder walls and rock steps
Boulder wall installation

All told, the type of wall needed for your area is going to depend on functionality, location and placement. A boulder wall doesn’t work for every situation but can work in place of many standard retaining wall settings. Some of the most common boulder wall installations include: garden terraces for a sloped backyard, back and front yard containment, structural security, containing a slope for a stairway and decorative sitting walls. When considering a retaining wall for your yard keep in mind the natural charm of boulders for your area. They can be cost effective and brilliant on the eye.

boulder wall with stairs
Boulder wall closeup

Boulder Wall Landscaping

Boulders are a nice, natural-looking way to craft a retaining wall, and this type of construction is often a more affordable choice. This style works very well in the Inland Northwest and our beautiful surroundings. Take a look through our gallery to get an idea of the types of boulder walls that could be installed in your area.

boulder walls on a slope
boulder wall for the front of house
boulder wall and stairs leading down
Paver install with boulder wall surround

Boulder Walls for a Sloped Yard

One of the best advantages to boulder wall landscaping is the ability to contain a sloped yard. If its a sheer slope a series of terraced garden beds work well with a  staircase connecting the way. Shorter slopes can sometimes be brought up which will open an area for a new living space. The boulder wall itself can be funtional as a sitting area or the space behind it used for flower beds. Block walls also work great for this solution as well as concrete walls for tight spaces. For more information on how to shore up a sloped yard, visit our page on Retaining Wall Solutions for Sloped Yards.

Dig Deeper

Here are some helpful links on Boulder Retaining Walls. Concrete Network is an excellent resource for anything concrete as well as their affiliate site, If you’re into Pinterest there’s also a link to get you started pinning some favorite boulder retaining wall ideas. Have fun!

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