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Outdoor Living at its finest. Dundee is a full service landscape contractor that specializes in making backyards cozy for everyone. Looking for a new patio, pergola or sports court? Dundee’s got you covered.

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Spokane's Outdoor Living Space Installer

At Dundee Concrete and Landscaping, our mission is to bring families and friends closer together by crafting remarkable outdoor living spaces. Say goodbye to lackluster backyards and envision a stunning patio, complete with a warm fireplace or an outdoor kitchen that transforms every meal into a cherished memory. For the little ones, picture a sports court, a refreshing pool, or a whimsical playground area, all designed to inspire laughter and endless fun.

But our expertise goes beyond the ordinary. We excel in creating tranquil water features, elegant walkways, sturdy stairs, and captivating outdoor lighting installations. These elements not only enhance the beauty of your outdoor haven but also extend its functionality well into the enchanting evening hours.

While we specialize in concrete installation, our offerings extend to a wide array of services, including Curbing, Stamped Concrete, Paver Installation, and Lawn & Spray Services.

At Dundee Concrete and Landscaping, we’re not just builders; we’re visionaries who turn your outdoor dreams into tangible, awe-inspiring realities. Let us be your trusted partners in crafting a backyard paradise that your family will cherish for generations to come.

Join us in the transformation of Spokane, one backyard at a time.

Fire Pit Installation

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Basketball Courts

Looking for a backyard that can be enjoyed all year round? Dundee is equipped to tackle tough problems like making an outdoor living space that works for all seasons. We consider summer sun, autumn leaves, harsh winters, and spring flowers. While many concrete companies are simply stamping and staining for decoration, Dundee considers sand finishes and works with open space to keep in mind functionality. After all the kids play areas aren’t the only places that get rowdy. Parents have fun too and incorporating a little extra wiggle room or traction along with the decoration is something the guests can appreciate. Keep Dundee in mind when considering full landscape overhauls and installs. We understand beauty in design and peace of mind when your friends are having a good time.

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