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Elevate Your Space with Our Decorative Stamped Curbing

Curbing made of stamped concrete is attractive because of the texture it provides. Stone, brick, and tile can all be imitated with the proper stamp. Choosing a unique hue is a great way to personalize the look and ensure a perfect fit with your interior design scheme.

A high-solid clear sealant is used on all of the stamped concrete curbs. The current patterns and molds will evolve, and only some designs will work with every mold. Dundee Concrete & Landscaping is here to assist you in locating the ideal design for your undertaking.

Add to Your Curb Appeal

Offering Beauty in Style At First Glance

Landscape curbing made of stamped concrete will add curb appeal to your home. Dundee Concrete & Landscaping can spruce up your yard’s aesthetic by installing new curbing in various designs, colors, and textures. Homeowners install stamped concrete landscaping curbs to remove unwanted grass and weeds from flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, and walkways.

Designed To Be Practical and Long-Lasting

Stamped concrete curbing is an elegant addition that will set off your garden. It lasts longer and costs less than the standard alternative. The expert look of stamped concrete curbing also raises the value of your home.

Stamped Curbing Choices

The evolution of curbing has been remarkable. Curbing installation required painstaking form setting and adherence to a strict timetable to assure accuracy. Although punctuality is still crucial, the improved equipment we have at our disposal makes the concrete-laying procedure much more pleasurable. Curbing machines speed up the installation process and allow our workers more time for aesthetic touches and routine maintenance, which is essential for the curb’s long-term health and functionality.

How To Pick The Best Stamp For Your Space

Consider the local environment before picking a stamp regarding your garden, house, and surrounding community. Stamps can be pressed, stamped, or rolled on, and we offer bespoke designs upon request. Think about the variety of inks you want to add to your stamp.

To emphasize the wood’s grain, darker brown tones might complement a light brown base color on a wood plank. To get the authentic appearance of brick, a brick pattern will incorporate a range of red tones. Some of the more common choices are Ashlar, Brick, Cobblestone, Lava, Flagstone, River Rock, Rosebush, Slate, Wood Grain, Basket Weave, and Herringbone.

Random Stone, Belgian Slate, a selection of flagstone, Exposed Aggregate, and various wood grain possibilities are high-end additions. If there is a stamp you need but need to see here, just let us know, and we will get it for you.

Mowers Edge

Mowers Edge has great ‘Curb Appeal’ featuring a low, not easy to trip on entry point coupled with a high back which keeps mulch where it belongs. Its style, reminiscent of a picture frame, can help your landscape design stand out.

3x5 curbing profile
3 x 5 Square Profile for Curbing

Looking for versatility in a curb profile? Choose the 3x5 square curb from Dundee! With a variety of concrete stamp options available, it's one of the most versatile profiles around.

Large Square
Large Square Curbing Style

See our curbing in action with large square cubing form samples! From stamped to standard installs, we've got the perfect solution for your landscaping needs.

Mowers Edge
Mower's Edge Picture Frame Look

Keep your yard neat and tidy with Mowers Edge concrete borders! With a low entry point and high back, it's the perfect solution to keep mulch at bay. See our gallery for more!

slant curb
The Slant Profile

Add character and charm to your outdoor space with Slant Style Curbing! Versatile and customizable, it's a stylish choice that looks great in any situation.

Tapered Slant
Additional Character with Tapered Slant

Add some flair to your curbing with our unique tapered slant; not offered by many other companies! Plus, choose from a variety of stamped options for even more personality.

brick stamped edging

Types of Curbing

From classic and traditional to modern and trendy, our expert team can help you find the perfect curbing style to complement your outdoor oasis. Let us help you elevate your landscaping game with our top-notch curbing solutions today!

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stamped curbing 111

Colored Curbing

stamped curbing 120

Stamped Curbing

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Curbing Styles

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