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Concrete Finishes
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Stamped Concrete Service Options

Revamp your outdoor space with Dundee Spokane's exceptional concrete stamp services. Contact us now for a stamped patio, walkway, or driveway makeover!

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Davis Concrete Color Options

Choose your concrete color with the Davis Color Selector! For even more character, add additional colors to your stamped concrete.

Building Foundation Installation Team

Strong foundations start from the ground up. Our experienced team has 20+ years of expertise in building solid foundations.

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Stamped Concrete Borders Add a Subtle Touch of Elegance

Elevate your concrete pours with stamped borders! Our simple technique adds major character and beautiful contrasting details to any project.

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Concrete Finish Options

Looking for Character With Your Concrete? Try Concrete Finish Options With Your Dundee Install.

Discover Your Ideal Concrete Finish Options with Dundee

Concrete is a unique substance that is widely used in the building trade. Cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, and water are mixed in precise quantities to make concrete. After the concrete has been cast, finishing is one of the most crucial steps, creating a smooth surface with an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Concrete surface finishing entails compacting, leveling, and smoothing the concrete. Using trowels and screeds can produce simple yet unique types of concrete finishes. After the concrete has been poured into molds, a work screed is utilized to smooth off the surface.

Varieties Of Concrete Surface Treatments Available
Featured Concrete Work
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Concrete Stamps
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