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In search of something truly original for your next piece of hardscaping? Concrete & Landscaping provides expert paver installation for a stone patio or walkway. You can customize the look of your next project by choosing from our various styles, colors, and stones.


We can create a beautiful stone patio for you, increasing your home’s usability and resale value. We provide a comprehensive menu of paver installation options to accommodate our customers’ varying requirements. Among the many things we offer are these:

Our professionally installed walkways will be an attractive addition to your yard. We only utilize the best materials and methods to ensure your walkway is long-lasting and beautiful. 

We can build the ideal patio for outdoor parties and quiet evenings. If you want a unique and special patio, we can design one just for you.

Driveways we installed are built to survive years of use and all kinds of weather. We employ high-quality materials and carefully applied processes to guarantee your driveway’s practicality and longevity.

Our pool deck installations are made to last and offer a secure and pleasant flooring option for your pool. We employ slip-resistant materials and professional processes to guarantee your pool deck’s safety and visual appeal.

Should You Use Concrete Pavers?

Before making a purchase, think about these things.


  • Easy Installation. Concrete pavers are typically laid more quickly than other types of natural stone because of their uniform size, flat bottoms, and snug fit.
  • Slip Resistance: When compared to poured concrete, driveway pavers provide superior traction, especially on inclines.
  • Resilience. Pavers move independently due to ice heaves or intruding tree roots. Maintenance is easy: The damaged pavers must be removed before repairs can be made.
  • Withstanding the elements. Pavers can withstand freezing temperatures without cracking or crumbling if they have a low enough water absorption rate.

Brick Pavers

Long-lasting and trouble-free, these clay blocks have a classic style that could make them an excellent option for your next hardscaping project.

The Benefits of Brick Pavers


Most brick pavers in the United States are up to par regarding compressive strength, crack and abrasion resistance, and water retention. For example, the minimum compressive strength of brick pavers designed for heavy vehicle use is 10,000 psi, the same as Belgian block.

Minimal Effort Required

Maintenance for brick pavers is as simple as washing them down when they get dirty with a stiff brush and mild soap to remove things like moss, algae, and stains. They don’t need to be sealed because they won’t fade. Bricks damaged, most commonly due to improper installation, can be replaced one at a time.


Brick requires less energy and emits fewer emissions during production than alternatives like concrete and synthetic stone. Bricks are durable, long-lasting, often lasting a century or more, and regularly recycled for new uses.

Stone Pavers

The stones vary in size, texture, and color because they are extracted from quarries rather than manufactured in molds like other pavers. These distinctions enhance the natural beauty of stone pavers. Here are the reasons why people are drawn to stone pavers.

  • Beauty: They are great to look at, that’s for sure. Natural beauty is enhanced by the color and textural differences inherent to these items.
  • Durability: They are incredibly long-lasting and reliable. Stone pavers have been used for thousands of years by humans. There are still remnants of Roman roads paved with this material.
  • Design: Many stone pavers are available, allowing for limitless creativity in layout. Stone pavers provide a wide range of customization options due to their availability in various sizes, colors, forms, textures, and installation patterns.

Concrete Pavers

Two distinct kinds of concrete paving stones exist interlocking and architectural slabs. Many people find that interlocking pavers look unrefined because of their frozen-oatmeal texture and basic shapes.

Slab pavers used in architecture are a more aesthetically pleasing option. Thinner cakes that resemble the look of brick or natural stone are less durable and more susceptible to the freeze-thaw cycle than their interlocking counterparts are. The best part is that they do it at a fraction of the price of the actual thing.

Benefits of Installing Patio Pavers at Your Home

The exterior of your property can be significantly improved by installing a brand-new paver. This summer, you will have a new appearance perfect for parties and picnics. It is also an excellent spot to unwind with loved ones after a hard day at the office.

Buying new pavers is an intelligent investment that will pay you in several ways. Whether you consider modern patio pavers as part of a home, remodel, or as a standalone backyard feature, it pays to arm yourself with as much information as possible before purchasing. They provide benefits that you probably are not anticipating.

Paver Installation

If you need professional paver stone installation, look no further than http://dundeedig.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/outdoor-patios_131.jpg Concrete & Landscaping. Our installation process is as follows:

  • Consultation. We meet with you to learn more about your situation and preferences. We also offer space evaluation and cost estimates.
  • Landscape planning: After discussing what they are, we will make a plan tailored to your demands.
  • Laying pavers: After determining the best layout for your pavers, our professional crew will begin laying them out using only the best materials and methods.
  • Site measurements: We will calculate the correct measures to create intricate patterns and designs.
  • Excavation, prep base: The existing dirt within the paver area will be excavated to the desired depth.
  • Laying and cutting: For a paver project to be successful, the base must be of the right thickness and adequately compacted. Inadequate base thickness and lack of compaction are the leading causes of paver failure. Bedding sand or gravel, which will serve as the last base layer, must be laid down next.
  • Finishing touches (adding the sand and perfecting everything): Pavers are set in place, borders are cut in, and edge restraints and polymeric sand are used to prevent weed growth between the pavers and the sand.

It Is An Economical Renovation

Installing new patio pavers is a great way to upgrade your outside space without breaking the bank. If your patio has to be replaced, you can do so at a low cost. Replacement patio pavers are a low-cost improvement for your home.

Increases Your Home Value

The value of your home can go up, which is another beautiful reason to invest in contemporary patio pavers. New patio pavers are a terrific investment to increase your home’s resale value when you sell.

The value of your home can be increased quickly by upgrading the patio if potential buyers like everything else about it except the patio.

A home’s unattractive appearance may put potential buyers off. However, more purchasers will be interested in purchasing your home if it has a contemporary and updated appearance.

Enhances The Visual Appeal Of Your Home

Adding new patio pavers will increase the value of your home because of the increased curb appeal. They improve your home’s curb appeal by giving it a more sophisticated look. The exterior of the house is a means of self-expression for many people.

Patio pavers are a fantastic choice if you want your patio to reflect who you are. Patio pavers allow you to show off your individuality thanks to the variety of colors and patterns available. You have the freedom to select a style that complements the existing decor of your house. You can make your patio the focal point of your home using color.

It Is Simple To Maintain And Long-Lasting

Putting up new patio pavers is a good idea because they are long-lasting and require little in the way of upkeep. They are a stable investment because they resist the weather, even under extreme conditions. Unlike concrete patios, they will not need to be replaced as often. Furthermore, unlike wooden patios, they do not require annual sealing or re-staining.

It Offers Multiple Color Selections!

Choose a vibrant color to make your patio the focal point of your home’s exterior. There is a broad palette, including vivid and subdued hues. Patio lights, furniture, and plants are just a few ways to add splashes of color to your outdoor space.

You Can Install Pavers Of Various Sizes And Shapes

The option to select patio pavers in various sizes and shapes is yet another benefit. The possibilities for personalizing your home’s appearance are expanded. Contemporary, modern, traditional, and rustic are just a few styles you can choose from. Patterns are also available, including herringbone, basketweave, and brick.

Pavers Safeguard The Environment

Installing patio pavers has additional positive effects on the natural world. Growing plants without chemicals and fertilizers that can harm water sources is possible. Patio pavers are low maintenance since they are produced from recyclable materials.

They also do not need as much sun as their soil-grown counterparts. Your patio is great for growing cacti, succulents, and other plants and flowers. Vegetables can also be grown in planters and pots.

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With pavers, you can easily update your home’s hardscaping. Your new paver patio will be beautiful and durable. We are the best option for designing and installing a unique paver for your house because of our decades of experience, competitive prices, and unrivaled customer service.

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