Retaining wall ideas for sloped backyard

Retaining wall ideas for sloped backyard

Some of the most beautiful houses and locations come with a rolling drawback, the sloped yard. What to do with this space? And how to maximize it, are two of the most common questions when dealing with an unruly landscape of sorts. Instead of giving a full-proof solution here, let’s consider the options. Much of the decision is already going to be made after taking the primary elements into consideration. What is the size of the area, how steep is the slope, is it adjoining with the neighbors yard and, of course budget.

What to do with the newly claimed space?

So, we’ve solved the solution of the sloped yard but what will be the result of it? There’s a plethora of choices to consider which primarily depend on how you want to make use of the space. New patios with involved outdoor living spaces are an excellent way to maximize the home you have and make the most use of the space. Outdoor kitchens, gas fireplaces and integrated sitting walls with a pergola for overhang are all desirable choices for the new living space. But, perhaps the current kitchen is good enough and the family only needs an area to sit outdoors to enjoy a late night snack.

Outdoor Fireplaces

A wonderful solution to the area gleaned from shoring up those rolling slopes is to install an outdoor fire pit. This is easily incorporated with a sitting wall to match up with the outdoor space. We have a wide selection of fire pit installations to browse and countless ideas to help decide on which way to roll. For detailed information on Outdoor Fire Pits >> this link will help learn more. Our gallery is located here, along with helpful links to continue research on that backyard campsite.

Block Walls

Most commonly used for sloped hills are block wall retaining walls. They are durable, have character and customization options and fit into most any setting. If you’re interested in a block wall for your area, head over to the Block Wall Page >> to learn more about our installations.

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Stacked Stone Walls

Nothing says character and charm like an ol’ fashioned stacked stone wall. These offer an old world feel to existing homes. As you may have noticed, many of the stacked stone walls of long ago still stand today and seem resilient to changes in time or weather. We install stacked stone in homes typically looking to keep the existing character of the old landscape. If this sounds like you, head on over to the Stacked Stone Wall Page >>

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Boulder Walls

All the rage right now are the installation of Boulder Walls. These work as a permanent solution to existing areas. They offer excellent visual appeal and come at a reduced cost of many traditional walls. For more information, visit our Boulder Retaining Wall Page >> and feel free to contact us for a free quote or estimate using our contact forms.

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