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Fountains, Natural Streams and Ponds

A water feature is the highlight your landscape design. It can signify a grand entryway or create a calm, meditative setting. We offer lighting installations to highlight water features and a variety of decorative walkway options to completely set the tone. If you have a particular feature in mind let us know through the contact page. We love going over new ideas with potential customers and are happy to help if you have any questions.

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When installing a new landscape, the introduction of a flowing water can quickly enhance surrounding features. It is a great way to fill up remaining space or simply add enjoyment to new sitting areas. Natural looking ponds or streams can turn a quick lunch in the backyard to a backyard vacation. Over time, woodland creatures will gravitate to the area including songbirds, squirrels and deer. If gardening is also part of the nature-scape the introduction of a steadfast retaining wall might be in tall order. Navigate to our retaining wall optionsretaining wall options for more information there. But, for calm serenity, the water feature is the way to go. We install custom concepts on water features, prefabricated and everything in between.

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The sound of running water masks unpleasant noises and creates a soothing effect on those listening. Concrete fountains, rock water features and bubble features are a few of the ways Dundee brings moving water to outdoor spaces. We have many designs to choose from, or we can help you create something new and different.


Dundee can bring the natural wonder of the wilderness right into your backyard. A babbling brook to sit by, or a swiftly moving waterfall to block out the sounds of traffic can be achieved even on fairly flat ground. The motion of water over the rocks and sand of a stream bed filters the water, keeping it clean and clear with little maintenance required.

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A pond is a very versatile landscape element. It can be any shape, can have plants growing and fish living in it, and it just might be the focal piece of your property. A formal mirror pool brings elegance and tranquility into your life. We also build swimming pools.

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Looking for Water Feature Design Ideas?

Here’s a list of some great backyard flowing features for your own research.

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