Concrete Curbing Styles and Patterns

Choosing a curbing shape is a purely individual choice that ranges from look to functionality. Most popular among choices is the slant curbing style. This can handle a wide variety of stamps, uses a high back to hold in mulch and features a low front for ease of lawn care. Dundee also features a ‘tapered slant’ which includes an additional slant on the backside for a uniquely customized look, making it a perfect choice for those looking for a low maintenance option.

Achieving a Polished Look with a 3 x 5 Square Curb

The 3 x 5 Square Curbing profile is a standard curb that can be stamped, colored and customized. It is a low level curb that is easy for mowing and lawn maintenance. To choose a color, head over to our Davis Color Chart page. There a wide variety of colors and stamps that pair up with the 3 x 5 Square Curb. Let us know if you’ve picked one out or have a design in mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

3x5 square curb

Large Square Curbing Styles Are Great for Driveways

The large square curbing style is a tall curb that is standard in depth. Use this to retain landscaping rock, bark or soil. Excellent curb for the lawn or yard, also works well against driveways or other areas with regular vehicle traffic/parking.

This large curb stye can be colored using any of the Davis Colors located on our Color Chart Page. If you go with a stamp a second, accent color can be used as well. This is sometimes referred to as the antiquing agent. The Large Square Curb has a number of stamps that can be applied to it.

The Beauty of a Slant Curb Style

An excellent choice for accenting a flower bed, the slant features a high back and sloped front. This allows for ease of mowing/weed-whacking and leaf blowing while helping retain decorative landscape materials in the flower bed. The slant curb style is highly versatile when it comes to stamped patterns. It can feature all of the standard stamped styles including Belgium, Brick, Cobblestone, Granite and Wood Plank. Consider incorporating the Slant Curb into your design and feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

The Tapered Slant Curbing Style

Tapered Slant is a decorative alternative to the standard slant curb style. It features the ease of lawn care, holds landscape materials in the bed and displays a sleek design with its high back curve. All of the standard stamps and colors can be applied to this curb style so be sure to consider it when creating your curb appeal.

When used for landscaping, Mowers Edge concrete borders have different functional and aesthetic advantages. They can effectively keep mulch contained and prevent it from spilling on the lawn or weeds due to the low step-over entry point and high back design. By providing a 4″ x 6″ size, Mowers Edge is able to add value to your garden’s curb appeal with an upgrade.
A great feature of Mowers Edge is that it improves the beauty and appeal of your property’s curb. This creative use of concrete does more than just serve its purpose; it adds charm to your landscape and ensures that your lawn looks its best. Both residential yards and commercial landscapes prefer this form of edging as it can easily maintain its aesthetic qualities without much effort.
From flower bed edges to walkways and around trees, Mowers Edge concrete borders are an effective and efficient solution for adding beauty and order to outdoor areas.

Stamped Concrete Curbing Features

Before applying the stamp an antiquing agent will be applied that brings out existing color in the concrete coloring and adds additional colors to enhance the natural look of the pattern we are emulating. Standard stamp patterns are: Ashlar, Brick, Cobblestone, Decorative Rose, Lava, Flagstone, River Rock, Slate, Wood Grain, Basket Weave and Herringbone. If you see an additional roller pattern on the market that is not listed don’t be afraid to ask, we may have it. Our team is constantly updating tools and resources to keep up with trends.

Stamp patterns closely resemble what you would see used in creating a stamped patio or walkway. Our stamped patterns are offered in a wide variety so be sure to inquire further with the office if you are interested. For the most part you will find a wider selection of styles offered through our roller options with the addition of custom stamps and patterns.

Premium Stamped Edging Features


Nothing says class like a custom stamped curb edge in the front of the yard. We also have a variety of pre-made stamps that feature the look of boulders, natural rock and the ever popular compass design. If that’s not what you’re after, let us know. We love dipping into our artistic reserves and are seasoned at making customers happy through custom edging pattern and design.

Curbing Styles Offer a Variety of Colors

As with all of the concrete curbing landscape borders offered by Dundee Concrete and Landscaping, you can choose from a wide assortment of design options to fit your style and taste. We use the Davis color pantones for our color choices. Take a look through the colors and find what works best for your project. We can also help you find the right color match while giving a free quote on site.

There is a wide variety of materials available for lawn edging styles and landscaping borders. These includes plastic, metal, wood, brick and stone. Concrete curbing offers a durable and attractive alternative.

Why Use Concrete for Lawn and Landscape Edging?

Plastic edging is more easily damaged by lawnmowers and other lawn maintenance machinery. Some types can suffer color fading or become brittle due to sun exposure. Plastic edging is not as rigid as concrete. It can pull out easier or stray from its intended location.

Some metal lawn edging can rust. Metal can be dented. It’s pretty hard to dent concrete. Metal edging is usually quite thin and doesn’t have the bold visual impact or styling choices of concrete curbing.

Wooden lawn edging and landscape borders have a tendency to rot. Treated wood won’t rot as quickly, but then there are considerations to be made for the chemicals in treated wood, especially when food crops are involved. Splinters can also be an issue.

Bricks and stone lawn and garden borders can be nice but mortars can crack with freezing and thawing. If they’re not mortared, stone or brick can stray or be knocked from where they are supposed to be.

These drawbacks can by and large be avoided by installing continuous concrete landscape borders. Your investment in concrete curbing will pay off with years of satisfaction.

Colored Concrete Edging

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