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Stamped Concrete Installations

Stamped concrete has taken to the forefront of landscape installs with affordability and customization being the primary factors here. It used to be that concrete was a simple gray slab installed for porches and patios. Concrete handles these mediums now with a litmus of color and design options. Popular options being the look of slate or flagstone, brick and the wood plank pattern.

The Dundee team is not only trained in new concrete applications but we work with the Northwest climate. Spokane has four seasons of weather and that means concreting can be tricky. It takes an experienced technician to understand weather conditions and adapt the method of application for optimal results. We mastermind the base layer, scrutinize over control joints and consider finishing options that will give extra traction during the winter months. If you’re looking for a beautiful concrete job that will last twenty to thirty years, then look to Dundee for the job. Request a consultation at today!

Styling Options

Stamped concrete has a wide variety of options and colors. We have it all, so don’t be limited by our gallery images alone. If it’s not there it can be custom made or ordered for your project. For starters though, the main designs people opt for are: flagstone, sandstone, cobblestone, brick, slate, wood and wood plank stamps. Most of these styles listed will already lend themselves to the color choice required. But to give you an idea on how to choose colors here’s the basic format. When the concrete is mixed it will have a base color added which will permeate the color through the entire pour. When the concrete is ready for stamping a powdered release agent will be applied and the stamps will be pressed on. For a sandstone look, say, we would use a beige base color and then apply a dark brown color for the release agent. It can get much more technical than that but let’s just stick to that as a means for general understanding. Ultimately you can simply tell us what you’re after or bring a sample and we’ll have a good idea where to go from there.

So, how to choose what style of stamp you want? Usually you want to go with your surroundings. Take in account the style of house, colors in the landscape and the current flow of the landscape. Some people want it to blend in naturally and often people also want their setting to stand out. Take a look at some of our gallery images and craft some ideas of your own. Keep in mind that a beautiful stamped patio with a new fireplace is going to stand out and no matter how much we blend it in Dundee’s craftsmanship is going to make it ‘pop’ with your guests standing in awe. We’ve got this down to a science.

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