Belgium Slate Concrete Stamp

Belgium Slate Concrete Stamp

The Belgium Slate Stamp Finish is made to resemble that classic old world feel that brings to mind carriages and fox hunts. The natural stone can be found typically at most hardware stores in cobblestone and block form. A typical stone paver install can be quite costly and in most cases it is unnecessary. You’ll get that old-time look in any walkway, driveway or patio with the craftsmanship Dundee delivers. We take excellent care in our product and service and have a careful eye for resembling character our customers are after. Have a project in mind but don’t know where to start? Contact us in the form below to get started. We’re here to help.

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Is it Belgium or Belgian Slate?

Other than cobblestone roads, the things that come to mind when thinking of Belgium is certainly its chocolate, beer, waffles and music festivals. But which is correct to use: Belgian or Belgium? Typically when referring to the place one will want end with the -ium and when using nouns referring to Belgium you’ll want to end with a -ian. So Belgian Waffles, Belgian Chocolate and the Belgians are a people of Belgium. So, why is it Belgium Slate and not Belgian Slate?? It’s unbeknownst to me, methinks we didst get lost along the way.

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