Mowers Edge Curbing Style

Mowers Edge ‘Picture Frame’ Look Can Add Curb Appeal

A highlight of the Mowers Edge concrete border style is that it has a low, not easy to trip on entry point coupled with a high back which keeps mulch where it belongs. Its 4″ x 6″ size makes it an effective lawn/weed barrier. Mowers Edge has great ‘Curb Appeal.’ Its style can help your landscape design’s curb appeal stand out.

Mower's Edge Curbing

Form Over Function?

The Mowers Edge curbing style has been a popular choice of continuous concrete landscape borders over the years. It was originally marketed with ease of lawn mowing in mind. We find, however, that Mowers Edge excels more as a picture-frame styled lawn edge than a lawn mowing aid. Customers should be aware that trimming with a line weeder or edger will still likely be needed to achieve a professional finished look during lawn maintenance.

Another thing to consider is that Mowers Edge concrete curbing cannot be stamped with the attractive patterns that are becoming so popular among homeowners who install concrete borders. So, when you are making your decisions about what type of concrete edging to install, make sure you check out all the options that we offer such as: The 3 x 5 Square, The Large Square, The Slant or the Tapered Slant.

All the above styles can optionally be stamped for added texture and beauty.

Mowers Edge Curbing Gallery

Below is a photo gallery of our projects featuring the mowers edge curbing mold. Feel free to pin and share any of the photos. Save them to your phone or computer if you would like to use them in a quote request. We do ask that you kindly mention us and the website if intended for use in any of your personal projects.

Wide Variety of Colors

As with all of the concrete curbing landscape borders offered by Dundee Concrete and Landscaping, you can choose from a wide assortment of colors to fit your style and taste. We use the Davis color pantones for our color choices. Take a look through the colors and find what works best for your project. We can also help you find the right color match while giving a free quote on site.

There is a wide variety of materials available for lawn edging and landscaping borders. These includes plastic, metal, wood, brick and stone. Concrete curbing offers a durable and attractive alternative.

Why Use Concrete for Lawn and Landscape Edging?

Plastic edging is more easily damaged by lawnmowers and other lawn maintenance machinery. Some types can suffer color fading or become brittle due to sun exposure. Plastic edging is not as rigid as concrete. It can pull out easier or stray from its intended location.

Some metal lawn edging can rust. Metal can be dented. It’s pretty hard to dent concrete. Metal edging is usually quite thin and doesn’t have the bold visual impact or styling choices of concrete curbing.

Wooden lawn edging and landscape borders have a tendency to rot. Treated wood won’t rot as quickly, but then there are considerations to be made for the chemicals in treated wood, especially when food crops are involved. Splinters can also be an issue.

Bricks and stone lawn and garden borders can be nice but mortars can crack with freezing and thawing. If they’re not mortared, stone or brick can stray or be knocked from where they are supposed to be.

These drawbacks can by and large be avoided by installing continuous concrete landscape borders. Your investment in concrete curbing will pay off with years of satisfaction.

Highly Skilled Artisan Installers

You can count on Dundee Concrete and Landscaping personnel to bring skill, care and courteous service to all of our landscaping projects. We are highly skilled at creating beautiful continuous concrete landscape borders that are durable and will serve your needs for years to come.

Let Dundee Concrete and Landscaping make your landscape stand out with concrete landscape curbing. We take pride in providing a positive experience in creating the perfect landscape or concrete project for you. We do our best on every project no matter the size. We offer many types of services from complete Landscape installation, sprinklers, concrete curbing, grade work, concrete driveways and patios, retaining walls, water features and much more. Request a quote today.

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