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Sand Washed Finish – Pictures and Ideas

Here is a gallery of Dundee’s work with Sand Washed Finishes. A sand finish can be applied on almost any type of concrete install. It works great for walkways, pool decks, patios and driveways. The sand wash finish adds an element of texture to the surface that makes things a little more ‘grippy’ when walking upon it. This is especially useful in areas that will receive snow, ice or a regular amount of water due to a water feature or pool. The sand finish looks great too and specifically stands out when incorporated with concrete borders that are either left unfinished or textured with a stamp.

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Sand Concrete Finish Options

Traditionally the sand wash finish has been used along pooldecks for added traction around the pool. It is a style that works well for both bare feet and shoed up soles. It has become much more popular, as of late, in decorative concrete applications. When installed the texture should be consistent with a gritty touch. Light applications could remain unsealed but for most sand finished surfaces a sealant should be used.

Discrepencies can come from the type of sand being used. In areas where multiple types of sand are abundant the price point isn’t much of an issue. Desert sand, for instance is rich in colors ranging from red to yellow. Beach sand, on the otherhand is going to be creamy or carmel in color. Dundee is based in Spokane where sand discpreencies are not as abundant. Sand is pretty much sand here. Though, with the silica sand offered at Lane Mountain, just north of here, a type of white beach sand is available that offers a clear wash keeping initial colors of concrete true. Colored concrete is an excellent way to enhance the appeal of a concrete install on a budget. Finishing that off with the gritty texture a sand finish provides the wow factor is shocking.

Other areas for implemeting a sand finish are practically limitless. One application that Dundee specializes in is using the sand washed finish on Stamped Concrte. Typically stamped concrete can appear glossy wich causes the mind to hesitate any sure steps during wet weather months. A sand finish on this concrete is one of the best applications that can be used to gain traction. Not only that, but a combination of sand washed finished concrete and standard stamps can really outline the beauty of an install. This works great for walkways, driveways and patios alike.

Stamped borders are increasingly popular among installs because they offer a way to include the beauty of stamped concrete at a budgeted price. For walkways with stamped borders a sand wash finish is an excellent option. This will provide extra traction along the sides with the luxurious visual quality of stamped concrete.

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Learn More About Sand Washed Finishes

Here are some useful links to help you gain more knowledge about the Sand Wash Finish style.

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