The True Cost of a Heated Driveway: Installation, Maintenance, and Energy Bills

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Installation costs of a heated driveway.

Typically, the average cost of installing a heated driveway is between $12 to $23 (CAD 16 to CAD 32) per square foot. While the installation costs about $6,000 (CAD 8,234) on average, it can reach as high as $26,250 (CAD 36,000), depending on the length of your driveway and the complexity of the job.

Heated driveway installation costs $12 to $28 per square foot with concrete or asphalt. A radiant driveway heating system costs $9,600 to $22,400 installed on average, depending on if it’s electric or hydronic. The cost to run a heated driveway is $120 to $600 annually. DIY snow melting driveway mats cost $1,600.

Overall, according to HomeAdvisor, expect to pay on average $12,800 for the labor and installation of a heating system for a two-car driveway of about 640 square feet. A smaller one-car driveway may cost around $4,800 for a built-in heated system while a large driveway can cost over $25,000.

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A Heated Driveway: Is It Actually Worth It?

Maintenance costs of a heated driveway.

A driveway replacement along with the installation of a heated driveway system is almost always a job for pros. Few homeowners have the know-how or equipment to install a system and build their own driveway. If you wish to see the process, go to the WarmlyYours website, and watch the video of a heated driveway installation.

Some installations require the existing driveway to be torn out first, which requires heavy-duty equipment and time. Pouring a new concrete or asphalt driveway may also be beyond the average homeowner’s capabilities. Using a resurfacing technique to install a radiant heating system over an existing driveway might also void the warranty.

Heated driveways reduce or eliminate your need to throw down rock salt or other de-icers on your driveway, which extends the life of your pavement, keeps down salt corrosion on vehicle undercarriages, and prevents salt from killing grass/plants/flowers planted near the edges of your driveway.

heated driveways during snow season
Heated driveways during snow season

Energy bills associated with a heated driveway.

While full-width heated driveways are most common, a cost-saving option is to place the heating equipment only where car tires will typically ride. Two lanes, about 2 feet wide each, are created. It’s worth considering where snowfall isn’t extremely heavy.

Many homeowners who live in regions with harsh, long winters have, at one time or another, considered installing heated driveway. The convenience of a heated driveway, in terms of time savings and labor reduction, is a major attraction, but many homeowners wonder if the cost is simply too high.

Heated driveway systems are becoming more prevalent in colder climates; no longer are they reserved for high-end neighborhoods. They can save countless hours of shoveling snow or the hassle and cost of hiring someone else to do it. Before homeowners commit to this project, they may want to consider the answers to some lingering questions.

Heated driveway costs
Heated driveway costs

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